Tianjin-SWM Operations

The waste management operation of Taliworks in the People’s Republic of China is undertaken via Tianjin-SWM (M) Environment Co. Ltd (“Tianjin-SWM”) which commenced on 1 January 2005. This is the first foreign operations under Taliworks and it marks a significant milestone for Taliworks to expand its businesses abroad.

Tianjin-SWM holds a 21-year concession rights (expiring October 2025) for the operation and management of the Tianjin Panlou Life Waste Transfer Station and its related assets in the city of Tianjin, China. Tianjin, a port city, is less than an hour away by train from Beijing. Tianjin-SWM is a 90% owned subsidiary of SWM Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

The concession grants rights to Tianjin-SWM to transport household waste deposited by the municipal council at the Tianjin Panlou Life Waste Transfer Station to the municipal landfills and in return collect tipping fees from the local city council for services provided at a rate fixed in the concession agreement. The Panlou Life Waste Transfer Station is a modern waste transfer station built in 2000 at Nanhe town, to cater for the waste haulage from the Xiqing, Heping and Nankai regions. The facility consists of a transfer station facility, control centre, main administration building, entrance facility, roads, ramps, and landscaping.

Nanhe town is about 25 km from the Tianjin city centre and 26 km to the Shuangkou Landfill. Situated within a site of 5.9 acres, the transfer station is 2 km away from the Tianjin City Outer Ring Road and 100 m away from the Jinghu Highway.

Tianjin, with a total population of 10 million people of which 4 million live in the city centre, generates more than 6,000 tonnes of waste per day of which 4,000 tonnes/day is municipal solid waste.



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