Puresino Guanghan Operation

Taliworks first ventured into the wastewater business with the acquisition of Puresino (Guanghan) Water Co., Ltd. Guanghan (“Puresino Guanghan”) in 2006. Puresino Guanghan was established on 9 October 2006 with a registered and paid up capital of RMB20 million. It is a Sino-foreign joint venture company with Taliworks (Sichuan) Limited (“TSL”) holding 70% equity in the company.

The company holds a 30-year Build-Operate-Transfer (“BOT”) concession of the San Xin Dui Wastewater Treatment Plant (“WWTP”). This concession is effective from 1 December 2006 to 31 July 2033. The WWTP has a design capacity of 50 MLD to treat both domestic and industrial wastewater in Guanghan City and it commenced commercial operation since 1 September 2007.

Guanghan City is located in Sichuan Province, 40 km away from Chengdu City and 18 km away from Deyang City. Guanghan City has population of 570,000. The San Xin Dui Wastewater Treatment Plant is the only main WWTP in the city and was built on a 2.9-hectare site beside the YaZi River. The main sources of wastewater include domestic and industrial wastewater from residents, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other public utilities; major industrial wastewaters come from the chemical industry, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber industry.

Taliworks (Yinchuan) Operation

In 2010, the Group won an open public tender for the purchase of four municipal WWTPs with recycled water facilities with a treatment capacity of 300 MLD and 52 MLD respectively in Yinchuan, Ningxia Province, on a takeover-operate-transfer basis for a period of 30 years until 2041. Yinchuan City is the capital of Ningxia Province, one of the five autonomous regions in the Peoplesí Republic of China. It is situated in the northwestern part of the country.

The acquisition of the concession assets for RMB810 million was made through a wholly-owned subsidiary, Taliworks (Yinchuan) Wastewater Treatment Co Ltd, a company incorporated on 16 August 2011 with a registered capital of USD48 million of which the issued and paid-up capital is USD30.8 million. The management of the wastewater treatment plants with recycled water facilities was taken-over effective on 1 January 2012.

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